Sri Rama Rajyam, the first mythological movie in more than a decade had completed its 100 days run in 3 centers. Let us stay away from speaking about the trivial commerce of commercial cinema atleast for such movies. Movie making is certainly a business with out any doubt. But producer Sai Baba, director Bapu and Hero Bala Krishna went a step ahead in bringing the lost glory to Telugu people by remaking epic like ‘Lava Kusa’. They should be commended for that certainly.
But sadly, the movie failed to rake profits for the makers. Producer expressed his anguish that the present day youth had not embraced the movie fully. Yes, we were highly busy encouraging mass masala entertainers with larger than life stunts, spicy item songs and punch dialogues.
However, a true movie enthusiast hopes Producers like Sai Baba are not demotivated and keep on making such movies in future. Mirchi9 too wishes the same!