Sri Raghava’s first reactions after Varna’s mauling

Selva Raghavan known to Telugu audience as Sri Raghava has always been a director who has attracted lots of attention to him and his films post the release. Many of his films have left people dazed and confused along with wide praise or criticism. His latest Varna therefore is no different and as expected it has evoked tremendous negativity among the audience.

The director though has maintained calm and thanked his well wishers and fans for being supportive as it is them who makes him push hard for breaking new grounds, said the director. For those who might not know director Sri Raghava has a great track record as far as being a successful director is considered among the trade. Most of his films barring a couple have been money spinners at box office and the interesting thing is that most of those had opened with great criticism as well. The director is reportedly planning his next with Daggubati Rana.