Sreemukhi-Woke-up-To-Be-Most-Desirable-WomanToday, Sreemukhi woke up to the news that she became Hyderabad Times, the Most Desirable Woman on TV 2019. Well, she was thrilled for the honor and truly believes that it was her Bigg Boss stint that brought her close to the audiences.

Last year, she was in the eleventh position and now she climbed to the top, several steps at a time. The popular face on television has been surprising her fans with her latest transformation.

She is happy for the transformation and wants to try zero-size look, at least once in her life just for the sake of knowing how would she look when she grows very skinny. Sreemukhi has always been a little on the heavier side and it might be interesting to see her in zero-size.

Her latest pics showed how hot she can look and those pics were a visual feast for her fans. Now, they might be rejoicing her being crowned the Most Desirable Woman on TV in 2019.