Sreekaram Trailer TalkThe trailer of the Shivaratri biggie Sreekaram starring Sharwanand is out. After an impressive teaser, the trailer further highlights the core theme and setting of the film.

Sreekaram is about farmers, and its set in a village. This much is clear from the teaser itself. We now get something more about the world and a glimpse of other characters. The expansion isn’t done smoothly, and it leads to unevenness.

The hero is a focused guy who quits everything to become a farmer. Why he takes that decision and what is the challenge needs to be seen on the big screens.

The casting for Sreekaram looks fabulous. There are many known faces, and they seem to be given more substantial parts like Sai Kumar and Rao Ramesh. Sathya handles the comedy, and he is always a welcome addition.

The making, the writing and music give Sreekaram the edge over films made with a similar theme. A feeling of genuineness and depth is felt via the trailer. Can it deliver up to the expectation without diluting the farmers’ core theme is where the movie’s success lies?

Check out the trailer of the movie below. Priyanka Arul Mohan is the heroine in the film. Mickey J Mayer provides the music. Kishor B writes and directs the movie with a pertinent message. Sreekaram hits the screens worldwide on March 11th.