Sree Vishnu’s Right Move At The Right TimeSree Vishnu’s Raja Raja Chora in next in line for theatrical release. The comedy caper is all set to hit the marquee on the 19th of this month. Sree Vishnu seemed extremely confident about the film’s success and that is very much evident if we listen to his speech at the recently held pre-release event.

The talented actor says Raja Raja Chora is a laugh riot. “The viewers will be jumping from their seats out of laughter. The first half will be a full-on ride. The second half will be equally engaging and while walking out of the theaters, the audiences will be in a state of trance,” he said.

Sree Vishnu carries a boy next door image and going by teasers of Raja Roja Chora, it seems to be that he is playing a tailor made role in the comedy caper.

In these dark and gloomy times, movie-goers will be willing to watch a proper comedy entertainer that can tickle the funny bone and help them wind down. If Raja Raja Chora, can offer that, the film might register a fruitful run at the box office.

As it appears, it can be said that Sree Vishnu has made the right move at the right time. But we need to wait for a couple more days to know if the film actually has what it takes to keep the viewers engaged right from the start till the very end.