SR Kalyanamandapam TeaserSR Kalayanamandapam has been generating quite a buzz online for its music and presentation. Today, the teaser of the movie is released by the team. We have to say the coming of age plot with romance looks lively and engaging with an undercurrent of ‘mass’ flavour.

What strikes immediately is the young team’s confidence in the making and acting (by the lead) and the casting. For a small film, there is good quality on display. The actor Kiran Abbavaram looks all confident delivering the lines and finally Sai Kumar and the rest are used differently.

The ‘entertainment’ aspect is where SR Kalayanamandapam scores. It seems to contain a high dose of it in a trendy way. The dialogues are what work. There are plenty with the two minutes teaser.

The basic premise looks like a coming of the age tale with the backdrop of a ‘Kalyanamandapam’ setting. It shouldn’t be a problem if the screenplay is less predictable and offers more fun.

Check out the teaser below. Priyanka Jawalkar of Taxiwaala fame acts as the heroine in the movie. Sridhar Gade directs the film. Chaitan Bharadwaj provides the music. The makers are planning to release the romantic entertainer in summer of 2021. However, a date is not yet locked.