Spyder Interval Block Will Blow Your Mind - AR MurugadossAgain, the discussion involving Spyder is spearheaded by director AR Murugadoss. The venue was the audio launch in Chennai, and the director’s words are what everyone takes away from the function.

Murugadoss started with few well-known details briefing the history of their coming together. But it was his words about Spyder and its content and highlights that put fans on the moon. According to the director, the interval block of the movie will blow everyone’s mind, and the action choreography will get National Award for Peter Heins. If these words from the director turn out to be true, there would be no bounds of happiness for the fans.

Superstar Mahesh Babu meanwhile was calm self without any hyperboles. Maybe, he would take charge of the pre-release function happening on September 15 in Hyderabad. Whatever may happen eventually, Murugadoss with his speech today has infused life into the fans who were disappointed with the teaser and music, in general. Spyder is going to hit the screens in a record number of theaters on September 27.

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