Spyder 'Haali Haali' Drops Another Bomb On Fans A new song from Spyder has arrived and it is another bomb. Harris Jayaraj has failed to provide a number that could be an instant blockbuster variety. It is very much required for a film of the scale of Spyder.

Speaking only regarding the music, Haali Haali is as jaded a song as it can get. There is no freshness at all. It seems to be a song from more than a decade ago from Harris Jayaraj’s repertoire. It gives a drowsy feeling while listening to itself imagine how things could be in the theater?

Purely in comparison with Haali Haali, the Spyder title song is definitely better. But that’s not saying much is it? It’s when singles like these are released one wonders if the strategy of releasing one song at a time is good or not. As one can see, the individual songs are decreasing the hype on the movie. All hopes are on the final theatrical trailer, now. Let us see what is in store on September 9th when the complete audio is out.