KGF Yash was spotted in Hyderabad Airport and clicked while he was walking with his own swag and style. His stylish attire would make the day for his die-hard fans, for sure.

So, with ‘KGF Chapter 2’ progressing with resuming the shooting and Yash’s presence in Hyderabad means a lot. Reports about the pan-Indian movie’s probable release for the Sankranthi season have surfaced.

There also seems to be some clarity about Sanjay Dutt joining the shooting of the film sometime in November. We know that the Bollywood star has been suffering from cancer and is under treatment. However, he will be joining the shooting, as per the latest reports.

Therefore, both ‘KGF Chapter 2’ and RRR, the two biggest pan-Indian movies have been fast progressing with their shoot and soon, we may hear about their release and other updates.