Pawan-kalyan-unseen-farmingPawan Kalyan’s interest in farming is another facet of the popular cine star. His mango garden became equally famous and there is a talk in the industry that every year he sends mangoes from his garden to a selected few. His farm has presently come into focus for the organic farming he is voluntarily endorsing with the help of Vijayaram, who is Andhra’s Subhash Palekar who brought organic farming (cow-based) revolution in Maharashtra.

When Vijayram approached Pawan to promote the organic method, he readily agreed and even suggested to practice the same on his farm. From June, Vijayaram is using the organic manure (jeevamrutham) to grow vegetables, fruits and flower plants on eight acres of Pawan’s farm. And after he tasted the green leafy vegetables grown using cow-based manure, Pawan’s reaction was awesome.

Vijayram treasures Pawan’s words: ‘These green leafy vegetables are as tasty as the ones my grandmother hand-cooked ones in my childhood.’ That compliment was enough for him. Very soon, Pawan is going to hold a press meet with media to encourage the idea of cow-based organic farming which can be done with absolutely no investment, totally free of cost. Vijayram is looking forward to the meet as this promotion would help the farmers immensely to reduce the cost of production. Ofcourse, Pawan is a man of words.