Action scenes are part of most heroes repertoires. Shahrukh Khan is just one of them. However it seems that the Bollywood King is not as good at such scenes as Rajni and Van Damme. It seems that the actor was trying to follow in the shoes of Van Damme and Rajinikanth and had tried to do a full stretch across two busses but failed to do it.

As it happens, Hollywood actor Van-Damme’s ad included a scene where he does the act of a stretch across two trucks. Later, Rajinikanth was seen doing the same in an animated video. Shahrukh Khan tried to do the same in a video that has been created in order to create some awareness among people regarding the abundant potholes in Mumbai. It shows an animated SRK trying to do the stretch act when one of the buses hit the potholes and brings out the whole message in a funny way!

Sharukh fall

Rajni’s Spoof

Van Damme’s Volvo Ad