indian-2-Kamal--HaasanA lot has come out in the form of leaked photos from the Bhopal schedule of director Shankar and Universal star Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2‘. The revelation of Kamal Haasan’s total look is quite a big spoiler.

Two different sets of pics came out. One set when Kamal Haasan’s makeup man is giving the final touch up to the actor’s look. The other set when the camera started rolling and Kamal Haasan is riding a horse.

Clearly, he is playing a role much older than he played in the prequel ‘Indian’ two decades ago. On close observation, it’s also understood that it was Kamal in the first set of pics.

In the second set of pics on a horse, it seems to be a body double, going by the makeup. The makeup is like a mask in the second set of pics.

Previously, the movie’s stunt man Peter Heinz revealed that Kamal Haasan will be seen as a 90-year old and now, the pics surfaced. Hmm!