Spirituality Keeping Star Hero Away From Films?Victory Venkatesh is one actor who is never in the race to sign more films. He believes in taking things as they come. His last full-fledged film F3 was released in May. But there has been no news or updates about his next.

Though there might not be any euphoria among fans about his films on social media, there is an audience that always awaits to watch a Venkatesh film. Other stars including senior actors like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are signing films left, right, and center but Venkatesh is taking it slowly.

As everyone knows, Venkatesh is a deeply spiritual person. He is a big follower of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Saibaba. He also believes in the teachings of Christ, the Prophet, and Sikh Gurus.

Industry sources say that right now he might be on a spiritual quest because of which he has taken a break from films.

But it is expected that Venkatesh will make some big announcements regarding his upcoming projects around his birthday which falls on 13th December.