Spineless Stars Should Learn From NaniNani’s Shyam Singha Roy is just hours away from its release. Usually, when a film releases, the team has to worry about the content and how the audience would receive it. But from the last few months, filmmakers are more worried about the release and theaters issues more than anything else.

Just before the release of Shyam Singha Roy, theaters owners are being terrified with raids on one name or the other. In a key district like East Godavari, more than 50 theaters were shut down on Wednesday indicating the gravity of the situation.

The Government has released a ‘Most Urgent’ G.O. to carry out similar raids in all districts and send reports by the 29th of this month. Tollywood Top Brass has gone mute completely even as the government is threatening the existence of the theater systems and the industry.

Stars like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, and Mahesh Babu were even trying to be in the good books of the Chief Minister by wishing him on his Birthday. A relatively small star-like Nani came forward and took the risk of speaking even though his movie is releasing.

He is very well aware that he is pushing himself into risk. After all, he is dealing with people who have manhandled their own man (Subbarao Gupta) just because he talked about something they did not like. We have already seen the ministers and Pro-YSRCP persons like Natti Kumar attacking Nani.

It is time for the industry to wake up. They should stand by Nani and stay united in this issue. They backed out when Pawan Kalyan did the same but at least there is a reason that industry does not want to make it politics. But Nani’s issue is different right now.

It is time for Chiranjeevi to lead the industry. It’s time he keeps the niceties aside and stands for the industry which has given him everything. Or else there is no meaning in his ambitions to become Industry’s Pedda Dhikku. The entire Telugu cinema trade had always thrived in the name of stars. 100s of Crores are being invested trusting them. They should let go of their titles of Mega, Giga, Tiger, Lion if they are not capable of it.