Post the debacle of 1 Nenokkadine Superstar Mahesh Babu has taken his film making choices to a whole new level. Unlike in the past this level involves lot of box office safety. Mahesh Babu sealed his stardom with Pokiri more than half a decade back but proved its worth only three years ago with Dookudu. Post the blockbuster success of the film he accepted couple of different from the routine films and they clicked.

Boosted by those successes the actor took a big gamble that could have eventually sealed him as number one star of the Telugu cinema. Unfortunately the big gamble in the form of 1 Nenokkadine failed. Although it earned him lots of critical acclaim it wasn’t what the actor was looking for, as he in any case had a lot already, be it in the form of critic’s appreciation or awards. It was a big box office success with a big budget film that he was looking for, that could have completely changed his future course. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and something far worse happened in the process.

In Andhra Pradesh the way the film failed put a lot of question marks on the stardom of Mahesh Babu himself and took him back to the pre Dookudu days in terms of trade perception. May be the unit of 1 Nenokkadine had already guessed all this happening long before its actual happening otherwise what could be the possible explanation of the film Aagadu from the same production house. Don’t you think the production house knew things beforehand itself?

Well that’s not enough the actor who was reported to do another different film for C Ashwini Dutt has put it on backburner and got Puri Jagannadh instead. This would be his immediate film after Aagadu releases. Well things don’t end here, in all probability director Trivikram Srinivas’s next after his current film with Allu Arjun and Samantha could be with Mahesh Babu only. Then there is the Koratala Siva project that will begin after a gap and the rumored Mani Ratnam multi-starrer.

So as one can see, the actor has filled his upcoming slate with out and out commercially safe projects. None among the Telugu cinema stars currently can boast of such line up but the real question is, is this speedy measure really necessary for someone like Mahesh Babu? When the actor has the great talent to do something like 1 Nenokkadine isn’t he wasting his talents doing some of these projects? What do you think, share us your thoughts.