Speculations On Manchu Hero's Second MarriageIt is known that Manchu Manoj divorced his first wife, Pranathi Reddy. He is now set for second marriage. Related speculations spread like wildfire after he was recently spotted along with Bhuma Monika Reddy at a Ganesh Utsav in Hyderabad.

Ever since Manoj and Mounika Reddy were spotted together at the Ganesh Utsav in Hyderabad, there have been rumors that the couple will get married soon.

When asked about the same, Manoj said he will reveal more details about this when the right time comes. The Bhuma family hadn’t commented about this either.

As per the latest reports, Bhuma Akhila Priya, the elder sister of Mounika will be calling for a press meet very soon and make a formal announcement regarding the marriage between Manoj and Mounika. This could well be happening in the next couple of days.

These are just media speculations for now and we need to wait till Akhila Priya makes an official announcement on the same.