Special video featuring Cherry-Bunny for Yevadu?
This is a piping hot gossip doing the rounds of the industry now. Are Ram Charan and Allu Arjun going to come together for specially made video that features the two actor’s dancing to the tunes of Devi Sri Prasad? Sources say talks are going on frivolously among the ‘mega’ camp to bring them together for this video as it will be a great boost to the promotion of Yevadu which has kind off become stale because of the long unexpected delay.

As we all know Ram Charan and Allu Arjun will be seen together in film Yevadu without actually sharing the screen space. However they both are connected integrally to the plot of the film and this is one of the major exciting aspects about the film. If this video song materializes this would give double bonanza for the fans that are eagerly waiting for the film and also give something never seen before to look forward to the common audience. The song, if it happens, will be played during the end credits of the film.