Sanjay Dutt’s imprisonment may have isolated him from his people but it’s the time for friends to show their true colors and it seems that his ‘Zanjeer’ cast is some of the truest. It was reported by a source close to the film’s cast or crew who said that since Zanjeer is probably Dutt’s last film for the upcoming few years; the filmmakers want him to make a good impression on the audience. Hence according to recent news, Sanjay Dutt will have an extra scene at the end of the film which will be shot very soon.

Sources say that Dutt will be shooting the scene this Thursday or Friday. The last scene was initially meant to be just for the protagonists, Ramcharan Teja and Priyanka Chopra, but as per the recent changes, Dutt will have a witty one-liner at the end specifically written to make his character seem strong.