Special lunch for Sallu

It seems that Salman Khan is getting closer to his Tollywood friends and relations. Recently in town to bless Malavika Bharat, whose big T-town wedding he missed, Khan spent over two hours having lunch with Ramanaidu, Suresh Babu, Venkatesh and Rana.

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Producer Suresh Babu said, “We want to keep Salman’s visit to our house very personal. He is a family friend and we don’t want to talk about it in public. We talked a lot on various topics but don’t want to divulge any details.” However, a source revealed that, “Salman Khan spent some quality time with the family but had to leave early to attend to other commitments.”

Salman is also known to have a close bond with venkatesh whom he met during a cricket tournament and instantly hit it off. Over the years they have kept in touch and apparently keep discussing films and scripts.

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