SPB sentiment continues for Rajinikanth

Call it superstition or rare coincidence but every time SPB crooned the opening song for Rajinikanth, his film turned out to be a blockbuster. We can’t rule it out as a coincidence because it has happened more than just once. In fact, it has happened way too many times.

There definitely needs to be a sentiment that’s working in the favour of the superstar. Following this sentiment, the opening track in Rajinikanth’s Vikrama Simha has also been crooned by Balu. The single, which is called Choodam Aakasam Antham’, is all set to be released Oct 7. The song will also be released in Tamil on the same day.

If you’re still thinking it’s a coincidence, then take a look at the list of films featuring SPB’s title track that turned out to be blockbusters. Narasimha, Sivaji, Robo, Baasha and many more. When Shankar Mahadevan was made to croon the opening song of Baba, the film bombed at the box-office. Would you still call it a sentiment.

Vikrama Simha also marks the third back-to-back collaboration between Rajinikanth and A.R Rahman after Sivaji and Robo. This might also work as a sentiment in the favour of the film.