South remakes no longer the road to success?

The masala film has long been an answer to the people looking for a formula for success of movies. Indeed, the mix of romance, action and comedy, all revolving around a perfect hero has been the one constant in the film industry for a long time. However, latest Bollywood trends show that the genre of masala films is soon losing its charm with the audience, a fact that is reflected in box office earnings. Case in point is Salman’s Jai Ho which despite Salman’s presence has earned him the lowest opening in cinemas yet. Another recent failure Akshay Kumar’s ‘Boss’ is an other south remake tanked in Bollywood.

Kamal Gianchandani of PVR Pictures, which is the production arm of India’s largest multiplex chain, explained that this theme has been long played out. The audience is tired of seeing the same formula for over and over again and is looking for something new and has therefore become picky.

Where as our case in Tollywood is completely different. Our audience are still after routine formula films with loads of comedy movies guarantee minimum success at box office.