South industry's inclination towards northern cities
In the last 12 months, a spate of Tamil as well as Telugu films have been shooting most of their films in Bombay, Kolkata and few more bigger cities in the north. One wonders why this sudden urge to shoot in these places when there are so many wonderful locations down south. In the recent past, films such as Thupaki, Anna and Aata Arrambam were exclusively shot in Bombay.

While Ram Charan’s Thoofan was shot in Bombay exclusively, his recent hit Naayak was set against the backdrop of Kolkata. Why are our filmmaker so keen to shoot our regional films in a land where our language is hardly spoken. If you were to go by the film, then i don’t think shooting in Hyderabad or any other place makes much of a difference. But our filmmakers seem to have stumbled upon some sentiment that shooting in northern cities is turning out lucky for their films. If that happens to be the reason, then i pity our filmmakers who fail to think out of the box.

Allu Arjun’s Race Gurram was recently shot in Bombay, while Vijay’s new film with A.R Murugadoss went on floors yesterday in Kolkata. This trend seems to only fast catching up amidst other filmmakers as well.