Sorry-If-You-Didn't-Like-My-Movie-'Software-Sudheer'Sudigali Sudheer, ‘Jabardast’ show comedian has made his debut as a hero with the latest release ‘Software Sudheer‘ and a few critics who watched the movie trashed the film and some didn’t even care about it.

Not all the web portals reviewed his film as they didn’t watch it. Sudigali Sudheer was okay with the negative reviews when he said, “Sorry, if you didn’t like my movie. Will try to do better work next time.”

However, the female lead felt differently about the bad reviews and told her opinion at the movie’s success meet. Dhanya Balakrishna who played the female lead in the movie talked about the negative reviews trashing them.

“Despite the bad reviews and some people saying that they didn’t like the movie, the word of mouth spread and by Sunday evening, the movie actually became a hit.”

The natural flavour of Sudheer’s comedy that the audiences have got to see in his television shows was missing big time in ‘Software Sudheer’. The main thing was the movie didn’t have an entertaining content that would be expected from a comic as Sudheer.