More-Theaters-To-Go-into-the-Hands-of-SyndicatesHere is an important update about the guidelines for the unlock 5.0 that is going to come into being from 15th October 2020 onwards. From October 15th onwards, cinemas, theatres and multiplexes will be allowed to operate with 50% seating.

However, SOPs (Standard Operating procedures) will be issued by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. Now, some of the movies have opted for a direct OTT release with the notion that there wouldn’t any chance for reopening of the theatres anytime, soon.

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Those movies that might still be in a dilemma whether to opt for an OTT release will definitely take their step back. Besides the movies, even schools will reopen in a graded manner. But, the decision making lies with the States and the Union Territories.

Looks like, things are slowly getting back to normal though coronavirus scare hasn’t faded away even a bit and maybe, we are learning to co-exist with it.

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