Sonu Sood who rocketed to fame in Bollywood with Dabangg is currently enjoying the best phase of his life. The actor has his hands full both in Bollywood and Tollywood. Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu are the big picks for him this season and he is giving his 100% to both of them. Interestingly the makers and audience of both the North and South are equally embracing him and there is no dearth of offers for him.

The actor recently cut a deal with Graviera Suitings for endorsing them. He has been paid big bucks for this deal says close sources. Totally delighted with his career, yet the actor do not want to get complacent. He is always on a diet and work out as risking his fitness levels will mean only bringing an end to his illustrious career. Good going Sonu! All the Best!!