It seems that Sonakshi Sinha is very busy these days. In fact, when top notch director Mani Ratnam approached Sonakshi for his bilingual film, she had to turn down the offer due to lack of dates. Even though Mani Ratnam had a chat with her father Shatrughan Sinha, a good friend of Mani Ratnam, Sonakshi failed to get on board since her prior commitments left her with no free time.

Sonakshi has already signed up for two new films Action Jackson’ and ‘Holiday’ which is why she had to give up the role even though she loved it and it was very hard for her to make this decision. However, Sonakshi definitely hopes to work with Mani Ratnam in the future.

As for Mani Ratnam, he has already signed up Shruti Haasan and Aishwaya Rai for his film but as of yet he has not been able to fill in the third slot. This will be an other most awaited multi starer after SVSC, having Mahesh and Nag sharing the screen.