My Son Will Take 100% White - NagababuThere will be no black money in the industry anymore says Nagababu in his latest outburst in support of Narendra Modi’s demonetization drive. The actor who is also a producer himself says that Telugu Film Industry is soon going to be hundred percent free from black money.

According to Nagababu, there was never an issue with black money among the settled and industry veterans. It means even before the current issue the industry was free majorly from black money problems. Only the newbie’s who come from real estate with no clue of how the industry works were responsible for the black money flow. He slams them for the rise in such issues and spoiling the industry environment.

Nagababu even goes on to say that his son would never take remuneration in black. He promises it and says all his transaction would happen in white. It is his way of being useful to the country, why would he dishonor that chance, questions mega-brother. He also updates that his brother Chiranjeevi told him that in Bombay film industry there are no black money transactions at all.

This stand taken by the actor is confusing many. The actor and his big brother are with Congress which is opposing the Modi’s bold move, then, on the other hand, we have Pawan Kalyan who is also criticizing the government for poor follow through. Amidst all these, Nagababu’s loud support to Modi is coming across as jarring and bewildering. Wonder, what the real issue is behind the screens?