son of satyamurthy entering 3rd placeEver since the film Son of Satyamurthy has released there is a widespread curiosity to know how the film is going to fare given its mixed talk. Will it veer towards positivity or will it slide down after the initial euphoria. So far the film has shown signs of strength without any doubt. A look at the weekend collections would reveal this fact.

In its four days extended weekend the film has done very well in all the A and B centers of the two Telugu states. Nizam especially has been super strong and Ceded which was weak on opening day itself continuing its relatively weak run. The good thing for the film is of course the solid hold so far and with Sunday being the best day after the opening.

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What this meant is that the film has now found a place among the top 3 opening weekend of all time. The film has collected close to 20 Cr in the two Telugu states and approximately 30 Cr worldwide. How well the film sustains from today will determine which position it will end up in the first week.