Dhanush-Headache-Comes-Back-to-RajinikanthRajinikanth’s fans meet is still going on and the superstar is clicking photos and signing autographs for the sake of his die-hard fans while they are waiting eagerly for the political announcement of the superstar to be coming on 31st December.

His son-in-law’s most controversial personal issue has come back to him. After facing a set back in the court, Kathiresan who claims to be Dhanush’s biological father appealed to Rajinikanth to make his son-in-law to come and visit his ailing wife, Meenakshi, the alleged biological mother of Dhanush.

While meeting with his fans, Rajinikanth is appealing to them to give proper respect to their parents and look after them. This same appeal has made Kathiresan to make a counter appeal to Rajinikanth to reunite him with his alleged son, Dhanush. Will that ever happen?