Someone Falsely Representing 'Uppena' Hero There is a Twitter profile in Panja Vaishnav Tej‘s name mentioning that he is an actor and also a tagline that reads, ‘Never Lose The Kid In You’ giving it an authentic look as if it’s the mega hero’s genuine Twitter account.

However, it is thus clarified that Vaishnav Tej is not on Twitter and the said Twitter profile was not his. That means someone is falsely representing the ‘Uppena’ hero. A clarification was issued saying, ‘Beware of Fake Accounts’.

Most of the tweets were like straight from the mega hero, especially praising ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ team tweet and talking about ‘Uppena’ as his first step and thanking for the thunderous and making it for making it a double blockbuster.

It looks very authentic and as if Vaishnav Tej has tweeted them and the responses of the fans also say it all they all believe it’s the actor’s Twitter account. Well, it’s hard to differentiate between a genuine and a fake profile. Imposters are everywhere on social media pages.