Some summer skin care by southern actors
Summer is here all over the country, and lot of us would be taking necessary steps to protect our skin from the heat. As celebrities, actors have even more important task of taking care of their skin. Let’s find out from a few southern actors what they do during summer to protect their skin from harsh sun rays.

Actor Nakul – I make it a point to not use chemical products on my skin. I follow simple skin recipes recommended by most grandparents. Cucumber and malai is one of the best skin coolants I have come across. I occasionally use them on my face.

Actor Ganesh Venkatraman – I’m a strong proponent of ayurveda. For this summer, make a face pack of neem leaves. Make a thick of paste and apply it on your face and leave it on for half hour. It gives great results. Wash your face wish rose water as it helps in revitalizing your skin.

Actor Harshvardhan Rane – I’m strictly against products. I apply tomato or papaya pulp on my face and other areas that are usually exposed to sun. I know it’s a little messy but as actors we have to do all this to look good.

These tips may not make you as handsome as these actors but it will definitely protect your skin from tanning.