NTR30_Shooting_PostponedThe Nandamuri family, and their followers are now mourning the sad passing of Nandamuri Tarakaratna. The final rites are underway now and the family is in a deep state of sorrow.

In this context, the makers of NTR30 have dropped an update on the launch of the film.

All the while, there were reliable yet unconfirmed reports that NTR30 is set for a grand launch on the 24th of February.

Cut to now, the makers of the NTR starrer have announced that the launch event has been postponed in view of Tarakaratna’s passing.

Up until now, there was no confirmation on whether the film is getting launched on 24th February. If yes, is it the right time for such an event in view of Tarakaratna’s passing? Now, the makers of NTR30 have settled the matter by confirming that the film is not being launched on the 24th of this month.

This puts an end to the confusion surrounding NTR30 launch and it could be considered as some sort of a respite to fans amidst the ongoing sorrow state.