Pawan-Kalyan_Gopala-GopalaIs Gopala Gopala going to be the solo biggie that would be hitting the screens for Sankranthi? With Jr NTR starrer Temper getting postponed officially this is what one is hearing in trade circles at the moment.

There are only few films that could make it to Sankranthi now and among them the known films are only from dubbed category like I and Yenthavadu Gani. Apart from these two there is Patas starring Kalyan Ram which also is complete and waiting for a release. Among all these only I could qualify as a biggie as it’s a big budget movie directed by Shankar that has already generated tremendous hype. But things are looking that rosy for this film as well.

Will 2015 Sankranthi be like 2012 Sankranthi in the end? Back then Mahesh Babu’s Businessman was the only biggie for the festive period with Venkatesh’s Bodyguard providing no real threat. We will get clarity regarding the final release list in the coming days.