Solo Brathuke So Better Movie BlockbusterSai Dharam Tej‘s Solo Brathuke So Better or for that matter, Telugu audience has shocked everyone. The movie which is the first release in Tollywood after the Coronavirus Pandemic opened to excellent response on its first day. The movie has amassed around 4.7 Crore Gross in both the Telugu States.

This is excellent considering the fact that the movie released only with 50% occupancy. The movie has to collect 9 Crore Share in its full run to be a safe venture. The weekend followed by the New year weekend will help the movie. The Noon shows of the second day are also good. Given the adverse conditions, even getting close to the target will be a sensational feat.

This will not only help the Solo Brathuke So Better but also will boost the confidence of the industry as a whole. If there are no spike in the Coronavirus cases in the next one week or so, audience will start coming to the theaters more confidently and the filmmakers will also line up their films in January without any doubts.

Telugu audience have once again proved to be mad movie lovers and have come forward to save the industry. This has defied every damn logic and predictions writing obituary for the film industry. We can imagine the response for the movies releasing Sankranthi. The next step would be to hope the cases decrease for the next 10 days or so and hope the Government allows 75% occupancy.