Sohel Emerged As The Real Winner of Bigg Boss Season 4Star MAA Channel successfully completed the fourth season of the Bigg Boss show despite the Coronavirus scare taking complete safety measures. Life is Beautiful fame Abhijeeth emerged as the winner. However, Sohel emerged as the Real Winner at the Grand Finale.

He walked out of the final round accepting the Twenty Five Lakhs money which is equivalent to what Abhijeeth got as the Title Winner. He became the first contestant in the history of the reality TV series in Telugu to quit the show in the finale.

Upon the request of his brother Sabil, Sohel promised to donate Rs. 10 lakhs from the money offered to him to an orphanage. However, later Nagarjuna offered to give the amount to Sohel saving the 25 Lakhs of the contestant.

The TV Actor aspired to become a filmmaker one day and hoped to become one with the popularity he amassed with the Bigg Boss stint. The icing on the cake is that Megastar Chiranjeevi offered to do a cameo in the film. Thus in all the ways, Sohel emerged as the Real Winner of Bigg Boss Season 4.