sachin joshi tweet temper movieWhile ‘Temper’ happens to be first blockbuster film in 2015, the discussions or rather debates on the box-office collections of the movie are very obvious. Nowadays, it’s not just limited to debates but fans and anti fans are involving themselves in big fights regarding the collection records of their star heroes. And for ‘Temper’ it’s easy to guess that the war is on between Mega and Nandamuri fans for collections.

Any big film with a hit talk becomes an eye soar for anti fans for sure and ‘Temper’ is no exception. While the mega fans are literally miffed with the figures floating online on ‘Temper’, Sachin Joshi’s tweet added fuel to the social war between fans and anti fans. Sachin tweeted that ‘temper’ recoveries so far would be about 42 crores and it’s expected to do around 60 crore plus in two weeks.

Well, that was his tweet with no proper box-office report attached to it but enough to annoy megan fans and sparkle war. But coming to actual figures, here in Tollywood we don’t have a proper tracking sysem to calculate the actual figures. And when the film has garnered such positive talk and appreciated by one and all, fans needn’t worry about numbers because NTR perormance is going to be talked about for many years as one of his career best performance.