Social Media Tamasha: Pushpa Leaked Pics and SongSocial media is a strange world, especially for fans. Gone are the days fans would showcase their fandom offline with various activities. With the advancement of technology, most of them came online. From trending their favorite hero and their films to showcasing their charity, everything is online these days.

But then, with no updates during the Lockdown, the minds of some fans have become like Devils workshop. A few fans of Allu Arjun are seen misguiding their co-fans in the name of Pushpa leaked pics and Pushpa leaked songs. The fact is that this is just an attention-seeking trick.

Nothing of such sort from Pushpa has leaked in recent times. A few innocent fans are breaking their heads searching for them. On the other side, the Pushpa team is waiting for the Lockdown to be lifted so that the shooting can be resumed. The movie is being made in two parts.

They are trying to release the first part for Dussehra while the second part may hit the screens for Summer 2022.