Halamathi Habibo -Beast Telugu SongThalapathy Vijay’s Beast is ready for a release on the 13th of this month. Thanks to the hit song, Halamithi Habibo, there is a decent buzz for this film in Telugu states as well.

The makers released the Telugu version of Halamithi Habibo and early reactions suggest that the Telugu listeners are hating the lyrics of the song.

The Telugu lyricist has not changed the lyrics much and words like Malam Pitha Pithade have been kept intact which is quite irritating and do not create any positive impact to the song. When you listen to the song in Tamil itself, these lines sound weird and now that it has not been changed, social media is making fun of the lyrics.

A few Telugu fans of Vijay are upset that makers did not put any effort into changing the lyrics and this has spoiled their mood and the energy that the original had is missing here in Telugu.

One more opinion is, of late, as the titles of other language films are not even being changed in Telugu, at least the lyrics of such a hit song should have been changed to make some sense. But sadly, that has not happened and social media is filled with comments like Spare us with this Malam nonsense.