SM Talk: Dil Raju Will Backstab Prabhas!In the movie industry, they say, there is no friend or foe. It’s all about business.

Sankranthi is a lucrative period for any film to release as the audience is ready to spend huge money on watching films. Every producer wants to target Sankranthi to make as much money as they can from their film. and Dil Raju is no different. He is planning to release his next film with Thalapathy Vijay titled ‘Vaarasudu,’ in a huge way in a maximum number of screens for Sankranthi 2023.

But his ‘good friend’ Prabhas is also coming up with the mythological magnum opus, Adipurush, all set to hit the screens for Sankranthi as well. So will Dil Raju budge and share screens with Adipurush?

Many people on social media are saying that Dil Raju is a business-minded person who might backstab Prabhas to ensure maximum profits for his own film and not Adipurush. So they are cautioning Prabhas to plan meticulously and release Adipurush in a big way, not just in the North but also in the South.

They feel that the content of Adipurush is sure to touch the chords of all sections of the audience, and it has the best chance to cross the collections of Baahubali.

On the other hand, it is also being said that Dil Raju is a shrewd businessman, and he will not hurt Prabhas’ film just to get momentary benefits. He has had a long association with the pan-India star, and he will want to continue it for more profits in the longer run, so he will give as many screens as Adipurush deserves.