Koratala Siva - Chiranjeevi AcharyaThe pre-release event of a film is special for any director. It’s a day when the entire crew comes together and presents the film to the audience. It’s time to recall all the hardships and efforts made by the whole team to realize the dream of making that film. But the pre-release event of Acharya turned out to be something else.

SS Rajamouli was invited as a special guest to the function, due to which the whole event turned into a ‘success meet’ of RRR. It was supposed to be Acharya’s director Koratala Siva’s day, but Rajamouli hogged all the limelight.

Koratala Siva may not have a following like SSR, Sukumar, or Trivikram, but he has his own reputation in the industry. He is one of the few top directors who haven’t delivered a flop yet.

And on top of that, Koratala worked on Acharya for three years with full commitment despite hiccups and postponements due to COVID. But he didn’t get his due on stage in the pre-release event of Acharya.

On social media, netizens slammed Megastar for doing ‘bhajana’ of Rajamouli and completely sidelining Koratala Siva.

Other actors in the film like Kajal, Regina, and Sangeetha were also ignored completely as there was no mention of them anywhere in the event.