SM Talk: Allu Aravind Cheated Charan For Allu ArjunIn his latest interview with a media portal, SS Rajamouli made a very interesting comment. He said “Magadheera could have done what Baahubali did had the production team supported me. Charan and I were discussing the same recently. With better marketing, Magadheera could have had garnered bigger acclaim.”

After seeing Rajamouli’s comments, Ram Charan’s fans are commenting that Allu Aravind cheated Ram Charan as he did not want Charan to become a big star with Magadheera, and hence, did not give his best support to the film and the man behind it, Rajamouli.

But what needs to be noted is that Magadheera was an insanely costly project back then. Allu Aravind spent many times more than Charan’s market at that point in time. He spent big bucks on Charan’s second film, which certainly had a certain degree of risk attached with it.

Another point to be noted is that Aravind did not even spend that kind of money on his son, Allu Arjun. So, it is unfair to call out Allu Aravind. This is another argument.