Nandamuri MokshagnyaNandamuri fans have big hopes on Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna that he would one day be the next successor of the Nandamuri heroes. But, there hasn’t been even one indication that the guy is interested in films.

By default, he is expected to be a hero as he is Balayya’s son. Even Balayya openly said that Mokshagna will make his entry into films when he is ready with the right script. Going by the latest family pic that surfaced, Mokshagna’s looks hadn’t changed even a bit.

Not to sound rude, Balayya is looking fitter and healthier than his son Mokshagna. However, we know that a little bit of weight doesn’t mean anything if not for the expectations on the star kid to become an actor.

If he is not interested, why to force him into films? Social media are pleading Balayya not to force the guy into films if his heart is not out there to make a career in the industry.