Manaswini Kotapati | January 10, 2017 at 5:17 pm |

Social Media Magnifies Tiny VFX Mistake of Khaidi No 150

social-media-magnifies-tiny-vfx-mistake-of-chiranjeevis-khaidi-no-150Nowadays social media has become like a vigilant guard that can find even the minutest mistake, glorify and magnify it to the possible extent. That is what it did with regard to the trailer of ‘Khaidi No. 150‘.

In a scene, there is a very minute mistake regarding the VFX effects. While Chiranjeevi is speaking to the masses, we see the crowd standing there. The same crowd in the background is used several times and hence we can see the same faces again and again.

This comes for only a second in the trailer but didn’t go unnoticed. It’s really amusing to see such minute details getting noticed. It’s not a big deal though as it isn’t going to affect much. One thing is clear, social media is really a big thing now and even a small mistake will be made to look big.

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