RRR Leaked SongSS Rajamouli’s RRR is the craziest project not only in Telugu states but also in the entire country. The movie is announced for October 13th release as Dussehra Special. But we are not sure if the movie will make it due to the prevailing COVID-19 induced conditions across the country.

The recently released making video ‘#RoarOfRRR’ has set the expectations on fire. Meanwhile, there are fresh rumors about a song of RRR being leaked. Social media is on fire with people sharing and asking about the link to the song. There is a song of very poor quality doing rounds.

The lyrics of the song go like ‘Snehaaniki Chaachina Hasthama… Praanaaniki Pranam istham… Dhara Dham Dhara Dham Dhara Dham Dham’. We can not confirm if the song is from RRR but it sounds good and also appears like a song on NTR and Ram Charan. We will have to see if the team will let any information about it.

Meanwhile, the promotional song of RRR is being canned in two different sets in Hyderabad. All the stars and the crew of the film will appear in this song.