Ravi Eviction - Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5The fifth season of the Bigg Boss TV show began with 19 celebrities of which only Anchor Ravi is the most popular. Ravi started his career on television as a host of the morning chit-chat show ‘Something Special’.Later, he went on to host events and earned a good name in the film circles. He is one of the highest-paid TV hosts in Tollywood. But, he is eliminated from the TV show in the 12th week and it is raising a lot of doubts on the voting system followed by the organizers.

Interestingly, Ravi never disappointed the fans and audiences throughout the fifth season. He expressed his anger on fellow inmates but never crossed the line. He participated actively in all the tasks and also helped fellow inmates whenever there was a need. As a house captain and as a Sanchalak, Ravi has given his best. Still, he failed to make it to the top 7.

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Maanas, Ravi, Sreeram, Kajal, Sunny, Siri, and Pinky are in the nominations for the 12th week. Among these 7, it is Pinky who looks weak. But, she was saved. Ravi will certainly be in the top 3 places but his eviction is dubbed as unfair by his fans.

As soon as the news about Ravi’s eviction has come out, all his fans shared opinions on social media that the Bigg Boss organizers intentionally eliminated Ravi to give a space for others to win the title.

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Some commented that the Bigg Boss organizers want to give the title to Sunny or Shanmukh and if Ravi is still in the game, it will be tough for them to implement their strategy. A few commented that Bigg Boss did not consider the voting as it is clearly visible that Ravi can never get fewer votes when compared to the votes Priyanka or Kajal got.

Ravi’s game improved a lot in the recent past and after meeting his family members, he looked strong and was also filled with new energy. Everyone who follows the game is shocked to see Ravi leaving the house. On the Bigg Boss stage, Ravi also expressed a shock about the same. “I don’t know, sir. I think I made some miscalculations about the game. I think the audience did not like my performance. I may have gotten relaxed after thinking that I am playing the game well,” said Ravi to Nagarjuna.

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Surprisingly, BJP MLA Raja Singh has come out in support of Ravi. Raja Singh hints at a conspiracy behind Ravi’s eviction. Many of Ravi’s fans too staged a protest in front of Annapurna Studios on Sunday evening. “Bigg Boss should be banned in Telangana state. There must be a conspiracy behind Ravi’s eviction from the TV show. The show is unnecessarily provoking the feelings of the Telangana people. I don’t understand what message does the show is conveying to society. The show must be banned,” he said.

As of now, Ravi is yet to make any official statement about his eviction after coming out of the house. However, the reports say that he is the highest-paid contestant this season and has earned a remuneration close to one crore for his 12-week stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Currently, the Bigg Boss house is occupied by Maanas, Kajal, Sunny, Siri, Shanmukh, Sreeramand Priyanka Singh. The show will come to an end in three more weeks.