Social Media Becomes Problem For Trivikram SrinivasAndhra Pradesh movie ticket pricing issue and only four shows per day has been engulfing Tollywood. After Chiranjeevi’s appeal, now Trivikram Srinivas’ comment has caught the attention of Minister Perni Nani too.

As per the statement that got published in a print media it stated that Trivikram Srinivas has hit back at the Jagan government over regulating ticket prices. He questioned the government that why such a thing is not being implemented in the education and health sector by making the fee and medical expenses the same cost, and why just limit that to the Movie industry.

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This statement caught the attention of Minister Perni Nani who stated that all the grievances will be taken to YS Jagan. Meanwhile, a tweet has been issued by the production house clarifying that Trivikram Srinivas never uttered such comments.

The production house cleared that Trivikram Srinivas has never said such things and that he doesn’t have any social media presence. The concerned tweet reads, “Any official statements from #Trivikram garu will only come from @haarikahassine & @Fortune4Cinemas He doesn’t have any social media presence. Please don’t believe in any comments made by various profiles bearing his pic/name. @AndhraPradeshCM @perni_nani @IPR_AP”.

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