Samantha Does Not Deserve This Hate!Samantha has been facing a whole lot of untoward hate on social media. Here is one such development that proves the said point right.

Earlier, Keerthy Suresh shared a video from the sets of one of her ongoing projects. In the video, a little girl is seen saying she wants to grow up like Samantha. Sharing the video, Keerthy requests Samantha to meet with her young fan.

Incidentally, social media users are now sharing hate comments on Keerthy’s post about Samantha. “Why would anyone want to be like Samantha? She left a beautiful family and messed up her marital life.” A netizen commented.

“She is doing random films and going around, playing unnecessarily bold roles. She has been roaming around like a hippie after the divorce.” Another social media user commented.

Well, no one really knows what happened with Samantha and Naga Chaitanya, and the divorce saga, as a whole. So, it is not wise to pass demeaning comments with blind hatred towards Sam.

Moreover, Naga Chaitanya is not facing any such offensive comments on social media and almost all the hate is directed towards Sam, which is not fair. She does not deserve any of this.