Sri Reddy - Silk SmithaSri Reddy knows how to keep herself making the headlines regularly and this time around she has caught an actress who shot to immense fame but ended her life very sadly. Sri Reddy has got talking about Silk Smitha on her Facebook claiming that the so-called big heroes used her physically.

Further, she asked how these big heroes can claim to be the legends of the industry. Sri Reddy called them psychos and said that we lost Silk Smitha in between a lot of movie politics. Here, her allegations are vague as she didn’t mention any names particularly and at least, about the movie politics she referred to as responsible for Silk Smitha’s death.

No matter what, Sri Reddy seems to be undeterred and is keeping her fight on. But, the thing is, she isn’t providing any names or proofs pertaining to her allegations, particularly. That’s why she has lost her credibility though Sri Reddy’s was heard for a while initially.

Of course, Silk Smitha’s death is one of those dark sides of the glamour industry and it brings a sense of grief to think about the legendary actress’ painful suicide.