Anushka as we all know is part of three very big productions Varna, Rudramadevi and Bahubali. First among this three Varna had hit the screens last Friday and the results are far from encouraging to put it politely. The film has been torn apart mercilessly by the critics and even the word of mouth among the common populace isn’t any good either. Tongues have now started wagging among certain quarters about the remaining two films the actress stars in as result of this performance.

Rudramadevi directed by Gunasekhar is already being looked upon as a landmine waiting to explode any time if it wasn’t at the time of its start. The reason for such a view is the director himself who is clearly very far off from his peak. He hasn’t given anything decently enjoyable film after the stunning Okkadu almost a decade ago. The only reason audience along with trade still have hopes on the film is because of the historical subject on hand which has great scope of drama and action. All the director has to do is present the available matter in a likeable form without stressing his creative juices. But the scale and grandeur aspect still has many naysayers all around.

Now there is no doubt on the third biggie the actress stars in that is Bahubali. With a director like SS Rajamouli and a bankable star like Prabhas associated with the project it isn’t as risky as the above two films. But if the second one too fails jitters would surely be felt among the unit as Bahubali despite all its safety is still a risky genre to pull off. Add to it mammoth expectations, the film needs all the positivity it can, going in. As there is a still avery long time to go for the release for now all we can do is wait and see how things go from here and if the makers take due note of this Varna failure.