Sneak-Peak-Raises-Expectation-On-Raja-Varu-Rani-Garu-TrailerA fresh sneak peek at the world of Raja Varu Rani Garu is out. It is a short comedy clip that acts as a set up to the world and the characters. It is impressive and raises the hopes on the trailer.

The first things that stand out are the writing and realistic tone. It instantly generates a feel that is relatable and helps in making a connection. The actors, despite being newcomers, are able to hold attention due to the writing.

The movie has been stuck in the last stage, getting a release, for some time. It was only a few weeks ago that Suresh Productions came on board to give it a proper theatrical release. The promotion has been finally kick-started as the movie is about to hit the screens.

The next big thing is the theatrical trailer that arrives on November 18th. We have to see if there would be further sneak-peeks before that happens.

Check out the sneak peek below. Ravi Kiran Kola writes and directs the movie. Jay Krish has provided the music to the unique love story harking on the nostalgia. Raja Varu Rani Garu is going to hit the screens all over on November 29th.